The Elephant Squad

“Absolute must read of 2022……a title definitely worthy of children’s book recommendation lists for readers aged 8+… Every so often a book comes along that makes you stop what you are doing and makes you think.” (Bookbound)
“Written with warmth, humour, and empathy… a hugely enjoyable book!” (Kirstie Crommie)
“A brilliant book about young carers! Insightful, heart warming and empathy building!” (Asset Reading Advocate)
“It should be on the reading list of anyone who works with children!” (Primary school teacher – Twitter)

After writing the book, I couldn’t ignore how much it could help a charity for young carers. Therefore, I am delighted to announce that I have a charity partnership with the Honeypot Children’s Charity and will be donating 50p to them for every copy of The Elephant Squad bought through my website or my school visits.

Here is what Melina Alexandrou at Honeypot has to say – “I think it’s a great read as it really strikes a chord about the responsibilities these children face, and it was very moving in parts albeit written in a lovely warm, and humorous way.”

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Cleo isn’t like the other kids. Every day, she feels stress, pressure, responsibility… she feels alone. But when a stranger appears in the school assembly, Cleo realises that she isn’t the only one.

As she discovers friendship and support that she never knew existed, she makes it her mission to find others out there who need her help, and she won’t rest until she does!