National Read To Your Sibling Day – 20th May 2021

National Read To Your Sibling Day was created by children’s author Kerry Gibb, to encourage brothers and sisters to read to each other.

Kerry has witnessed first-hand the amazing benefits of her own children reading to one another and wants to urge children everywhere to do the same.

“Older children get a fabulous sense of responsibility and make wonderful role models for their younger siblings. Snuggling up reading a book together is fantastic for bonding and seeing their older siblings read to them will encourage the younger ones to follow suit.

Reading aloud to each other helps children enhance their communication skills and comprehension, as well as boosting their speech, vocabulary and language.”

Schools can get involved by asking children to read to their siblings at home. Children can then report back to school the next day and discuss the books they read to their sibling and how they reacted to it. Did they laugh? Did they seem calm? Did they enjoy it? They can even be encouraged to take photos of them reading together to share with the class.

Younger siblings can be encouraged to read to older siblings too. Some of them find reading their school books to their parents a chore as it is labelled ‘homework’. Reading their school book to their older brother or sister instead, can bring a whole new level of enjoyment to it. They could even read their favourite bedtime story and take it in turns to read a page each.

National Read To Your Sibling Day takes place on the 20th May. Please do join other parents and teachers and encourage your children to take part.

Use the hashtag #nationalreadtoyoursiblingday on social media to show your support!




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