School Visits

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Click on the below video for a preview of the author talks and workshop…


Author talks and creative writing workshops can be offered in person or online.

If you would like me to visit your school, please do get in touch.

Or, alternatively, please see below for your online options and other packages I can offer.

Package 1FREE AUTHOR TALK video inspiring the children with their reading and writing. Includes a reading of two chapters of the It’s A Kid’s Life book. Books offered at special school offer- £5.99. All books personally signed to the children and sent to the school.

Package 2 – Video of a live WRITING WORKSHOP at a school. Slides have been included to allow children to participate interactively, facilitated by the teacher. The class teacher then facilitates the children collectively discussing their ideas in the way taught in this workshop to plan a story. The example given is a school disco which works well in most schools but you could choose another theme if you wish.

Package 3SEND YOUR CHILDREN’S STORIES TO KERRY. Children’s stories written after the workshop are sent to Kerry to read and a personal reply will be sent to each child to encourage them with their reading and writing.

Package 4 – A thirty-minute LIVE QUESTION AND ANSWER SESSION with Kerry via a medium such as Zoom.

Package 5 A SHORT-STORY TAILORED TO YOUR SCHOOL which the children write their own ending for. The story is a spin-off from the It’s A Kid’s Life series featuring the popular book characters as well as real life characters from your school. You will have the rights to keep this story and use it for many years for future students.

Packages can be offered on their own or as a combination. The Free Author Talk video will be included with all packages. All packages include a school discount on purchase of books which will be personally signed to the children and sent to your school.

To arrange a package to inspire your children, please email,



“The Junior School children loved the creative writing workshops delivered by Kerry Gibb! The interactive sessions gave the children the opportunity to brainstorm their ideas and get excited about starting their own stories. They loved hearing the extract from ‘It’s a Kids Life’ and many of our children are already reading one of the books for themselves. Thanks Kerry for an inspiring experience!” Camilla Coates  – Head of Junior School English and Year 6 Form Tutor – Downsend School

“We really enjoyed the online talk last week. I particularly liked the part about the importance of finding books you enjoy and that there’s no such thing as not enjoying reading. That’s something we’re really trying to teach the school this year. It was inspiring, accessible throughout the school and  it was nice and straight forward for staff.” – Rebecca Newman – English Lead – Leatherhead Trinity School

“It was fantastic to have Kerry at our school. She truly inspired the children and I was so impressed with the questions they asked her. There was a wonderful buzz in the air after she left and the children could not stop talking about her visit. We look forward to her coming back to our school to do workshops with smaller groups. What a great inspiration! I know that the children are extremely keen to read her books and cannot wait until they are delivered. Thank you Kerry!” – Leigh-Anne Dimech – English lead St Anne’s Catholic Primary School, Chertsey

“Kerry came to visit Mytchett Primary School to start our book week. She adapted her talk to all age ranges from Year One up to Year Six. The children absolutely loved the visit and said that a highlight of their book week was ‘meeting a real author’. I would highly recommend Kerry to visit any school to get the children buzzing about reading and writing.” – Katie Lye – Deputy Head Teacher. Mytchett Primary School

“The children thoroughly enjoyed Kerry’s visit to school. They found her journey inspirational and they sat in absolute silence as Kerry read an extract from her book. Many of the children were so inspired that they stayed behind during playtime to ask more questions.” – Sarah Evans, Head of English, Knaphill Junior School

“A really inspiring talk for the children, making them see that they are all readers and just need to find the right book genre for themselves. Helped them to see that they can all be writers.” – Claire Shorten – Head of English, St Edmunds Primary School

“Thank you so much for coming in to speak with the children this week – you’ve inspired so many of them to be writers, there’s a definite ‘buzz’ around the building!” – Francesca Thompson, Stepgates Community School

Here is what Kerry has to say about visiting schools…

“When people ask me what I like best about being an author, my answer is undoubtedly that…

I love to see children engrossed in a book that I have written.

I love to see children laughing out loud in all the places that I hoped they would.

I love to capture the hearts and imaginations of children as they identify with the characters in my books.

And most of all, I love to see children inspired.

When I stand up in a school assembly hall talking to hundreds of children at once about my journey becoming an author, I see hundreds of eyes gazing back at me filled with excitement.  Excitement that they too could write a book one day.  They too could use the imagination that is so wonderful at their young age and start writing their ideas down now.”



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4 thoughts on “School Visits

  1. My daughter has loved every page of your book its a kids life (as have i and my wife.) especially the toddler rule book. The book was great fun to read to my daughter and she has also read along with us at parts. Reading has been a struggle for my daughter who is dyslexic and suffers from ADHD but this book has captivated her in a way not many other books have been able too. We look forward to the release of the next book. Thanks for bringing laughter to bed time. Joey (the dad) and Bethany (the kid)

    • Thank you so much for leaving this great review. It means the world to me when I hear feedback like this. I am so pleased it inspired Bethany to enjoy reading 🙂 Please can you tell Bethany that I am already on chapter 8 of the next book and I hope to have it released by the end of this year. 🙂 🙂 xx

  2. Kerry visited my son’s school today and he hasn’t stopped talking about it. He’s come home very excited about writing a book and found the experience thoroughly inspiring. He’s asked for the other 4 books which we’ll now be ordering as we haven’t seen him this into reading for a long time 📚 Thank you 😊

    • This is so great to hear! Thank you. I am delighted your son enjoyed my visit and got so much out of it. Please tell him hello from me and keep up the good work!

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