Year 6 School Leavers Gift

When the inclusion leader of a primary school approached me to discuss giving copies of The Elephant Squad to each of their Year 6 children when they leave at the end of their final summer term, I felt like it was the biggest compliment the book could possibly be given.

She told me that they had some young carers at their school and after looking through the book and seeing themes of friendship and support, she knew it was the perfect choice for all of their children moving on to their next chapter at secondary school.

If you would like to give your Year 6 children a lasting keep sake to remember their primary school years, a signed copy of The Elephant Squad, personalised to them, would be ideal. Please just email me at to discuss it.


Cleo isn’t like the other kids. Every day, she feels stress, pressure, responsibility… she feels alone. But when a stranger appears in the school assembly, Cleo realises that she isn’t the only one.

As she discovers friendship and support that she never knew existed, she makes it her mission to find others out there who need her help, and she won’t rest until she does!

“Absolute must read……a title definitely worthy of children’s book recommendation lists for readers aged 8+… Every so often a book comes along that makes you stop what you are doing and makes you think.” (Bookbound)

“Written with warmth, humour, and empathy… a hugely enjoyable book!” (Kirstie Crommie)
“A brilliant book about young carers! Insightful, heart warming and empathy building!” (Asset Reading Advocate)
“It should be on the reading list of anyone who works with children!” (Primary school teacher – Twitter)

Order your copy here!

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