Guess the Title of my New Book!

My new book is out in May 2022!

When I’m on a long journey with my boys, one of our favourite games to play is The Animal Game! Rather than just simply telling you what my new book is called, I thought it would be fun to get you guessing!

My VIP readers have been sent new clues every day for the past few weeks so will now be very close to guessing the title! The clues describe an animal and the letter that this animal begins with will be part of the title!

Put all these letters together in the right order and the title will be revealed!


Clue 1 -“I am the animal that inspired the ancient Roman military! I like to eat leafy greens and grass. I am one of the oldest living animals on Earth and some of my ancestors have lived to 150 years old! I won’t ever win the 100-metre race against a hare, but I will always go slow and steady.”

Clue 2 – “I have wings, but I cannot fly. You should see me run and jump though! I’m the second biggest bird by height – only slightly smaller than an ostrich. You will find me living in Australia.”

Clue 3 – “I’m an amphibian that lives on land and water. I look like a cross between a frog and a lizard. Here’s a fun fact for you – if I lose or damage one of my limbs I can regrow it!”

Clue 4 – “I am a powerful carnivore with sharp teeth and a strong jaw. I think I’m the true king of the jungle, but a lion may disagree! And did you know, if you shaved my fur off, you would still see stripes on my skin?”

Clue 5 – “I have cute little ears and a twitchy nose. A lot of people have me as a pet but I’m nocturnal so you probably shouldn’t keep me in your bedroom!”

Clue 6 – “I’m a carnivore, living in the water. My skin is smooth and I’m long and slippery. You may get a shock if I creep into your net when you’re trying to catch crabs. But don’t panic, I’m not a snake!”

Clue 7 – “I live in the tropical forests of Central and South America. I spend most of my time in the trees and only come down about once a week. When I do, I use my furry long arms, but you may get impatient waiting for me as I move very, very slowly!”

Clue 8 – “I am a swift predator, descending on my prey at almost 100mph. I am covered in feathers except for one of my kind who has a bald head!”

Clue 9 – “I am an animal that represents innocence and freedom. I look like a horse but have a distinctive horn on my head. Some say I’m mythical and you’ll never see me in real life but if you believe in me, maybe you will.”

Clue 10 – “I am very friendly and playful. I’m a mammal that lives in water. I am highly intelligent, and you might hear my talking to my friends by using whistling and clicking noises.”

Clue 11 – “My skin is scaly, and my jaw is huge! One of my favourite habitats is a swamp. I love to laze around in the sun, but I warn you, if you call me a crocodile, I might get snappy!”

Clue 12 – “There are around one million of me for every one human in the world. One of my kind is called a bullet and has the most painful sting in the world! I have superhuman strength and can carry up to fifty times my own body weight!”

Clue 13 – “I use my wings to swim instead of fly! You’ll find me huddling with lots of my friends in Antarctica. My female friends lay our babies in eggs, but it’s the males who sit on them to keep them warm.”

Clue 14 – “I am a bird that lays tiny eggs that some humans think are a delicacy. I’m hunted by many predators including squirrels, foxes, and snakes. My name is a tricky one you might not have heard of so I’ll give you a big rhyming clue – My name rhymes with the biggest mammal in the ocean.”

Clue 15 – “I spend most of my time in rivers and lakes to keep cool. My eyes, ears and nose sit on top of my very large head and if I want to scare off predators, I can open my mouth really wide!”

Clue 16 – “I tend to spend most of my day lazing around but when night falls, I get ready to hunt. I prefer to hunt during storms as it makes it harder for my prey to see or hear me coming. If I let out my fearsome roar, you could hear it up to 8km away!”

Email your guess to and I will let you know if you’re right!

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