Book for the mums – Kayla’s Girls!

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One day, I received a message from a mum who contacted me to say how much she was loving reading It’s A Kid’s Life with her son, and could I write one for the mums! This little seed of thought set in motion the wheels that quickly gained momentum to become Kayla’s Girls!

Out Dec 1st 2021, my debut book for mums will hopefully grab your hearts like It’s A Kid’s Life grabbed the hearts and laughter of your children. Written from the perspective of Ben Collins’ mum, Amber, it will see cameo appearances from Ben and his brothers, but trust me, this is certainly not one for your children’s eyes!

‘Kerry Gibb is such a talented writer. She now has two fans in this house – first my son, and now me!’ − Jo Double

‘Reading this book was like having a hug from a friend!’ – Gemma Stanton

‘As a mum, the characters were so relatable. I had tears of sadness one minute and tears of laughter the next!’ − Vicki Hannay