Autobiographies By Amber

Autobiographies by Amber is the vision of Author, Kerry Gibb. After establishing herself as a successful children’s author with her It’s A Kid’s Life series, Kerry wrote a book for a new audience – the mums who fell in love with her writing through their children!

In December 2021, Kayla’s Girls, was born.

As Kerry created a journey for her main character, Amber, which saw her ghost writing the autobiographies of every-day people, she saw the happiness that this brought to her fictional characters, and this triggered an idea that she just couldn’t let go of – if she could invoke such joy for her fictional characters, then imagine how amazing it would be to bring such emotion to every-day real life people.

Kerry was so inspired by the vision that she created, that she knew that she just had to set it up as a real-life venture. With a BA Hons Degree in Psychology, years of experience of interviewing people, and a career as a writer, she couldn’t ignore the perfect combination of skills that would make it a success. And the rest, as they say, is history…

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