Author Wall for Inspiring Quotes

More and more schools are realising the potential that lies within their library space, including an author wall for inspiring quotes. Creating an enticing, inviting area for children to enjoy books adds such value to their reading experience.

I love nothing more than seeing a cosy book nook in a library, snuggly beanbags, and inspiring quotes on colourful walls.

I am often asked for quotes for author walls so have one here that you are very welcome to use for your own schools. Feel free to copy and paste the below words in your own design and credit it to me, or print off the pdf.

The best piece of advice that I can give you when it comes to books is never give up searching for one that you connect with! We are all wonderfully unique. We like different food, different hobbies, different tv shows, even different people. So why should books be any different? Just because your friends all seem to love a book, that doesn’t mean that you have to like it too. But this absolutely does not mean that reading isn’t for you; instead, it means that there is another book out there just waiting for you to find it. Never stop searching! Kerry Gibb – Author of the It’s A Kid’s Life series and The Elephant Squad.