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If you enjoyed reading the It’s A Kid’s Life books then I would love to hear from you.  Please go to the ‘comment’ box underneath the ‘leave a reply’ section below and tell me and other readers what you think!  Make sure you mention which of the books you have read and don’t forget to click on ‘post comment’ after you have written it!


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8 thoughts on “REVIEWS – WRITE YOURS HERE!

  1. Wow!!!! This book is amazing!!!! It is very fun to read and is suitable for 10 year olds like me!!!! It is amazing – definately buy it!!!!!

  2. I read a kids life 1 and I must say it was hilarious
    And huuuuuuge I absolutely loved it (especially the salmon part) and I can’t wait to read the second part-Tre’

  3. An amazingly funny book, both my boys, giggled the whole way through it, would highly recommend this book to all children (and their parents)

    Can’t wait to read the next book

  4. My son loved this book, ‘it’s a kids Life’ .
    A really relatable story with plenty of ‘laugh out loud’ moments. He had read his book several times, which is alway a good sign of an enjoyable read.
    He was thrilled this year when Father Christmas put a signed copy of ‘Arch Enemies ‘ the sequel in his stocking.
    Another great story to boot.

  5. My 9 year old son has just finished reading, ‘It’s A Kids Life’, after we brought a copy when Kerry visited his school recently. He loved it, and immediately asked if we could get the others. I’ve now ordered the rest of the set to give as a Christmas gift. I was a little cheeky and asked Kerry if she would mind adding a note in one of the books, as my son is full of ideas but struggles to get the ideas organised and written down, while trying to remember to get the spelling, grammar and handwriting right. Kerry has not only written a motivational note to my son but also one to me via email. Thank you for the personal touch!

  6. My son (7 when he read these the first time round, 8 now) properly laughed out loud at these books – he has the whole series and has read them all through twice! Can’t really say higher praise than that. Excellent books.

  7. This week I treated myself to Double Digits.
    I really enjoyed the story as well as my family has done.
    I really love the funny bits and the tense moments.

    I really would recommend this brilliant book to children and adults as it is super fun to read!!!!

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