Visiting Schools

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When people ask me what I like best about being an author my answer is undoubtedly that I love to inspire children.

I love to see children engrossed in a book that I have written.

I love to see children laughing out loud in all the places that I hoped they would.

I love to capture the hearts and imaginations of children as they identify with the characters in my book.

And most of all, I love to see children inspired.

When I stand up in a school assembly hall talking to hundreds of children at once about my journey becoming an author, I see hundreds of eyes gazing back at me filled with excitement.  Excitement that they too could write a book one day.  They too could use the imagination that is so wonderful at their young age and start writing their ideas down now.

I tell them about my illustrator Elisabeth Barrett and how she started drawing when she was still in school.  I make them believe in themselves that they too could become illustrators one day if that is something they enjoy.

I inspire the children to read by telling them that there is no such thing as a child who doesn’t like to read, they just haven’t found the right book yet.  I encourage them to persevere with the school books they bring home as even though they may not be the most exciting at times, they will help them get to the place where they can get lost in the world of a book that they love.

I vow to carry on visiting schools and giving author talks and motivating children as if just one child is inspired by what I have to say then it is totally worth it.

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4 thoughts on “Visiting Schools

  1. My daughter has loved every page of your book its a kids life (as have i and my wife.) especially the toddler rule book. The book was great fun to read to my daughter and she has also read along with us at parts. Reading has been a struggle for my daughter who is dyslexic and suffers from ADHD but this book has captivated her in a way not many other books have been able too. We look forward to the release of the next book. Thanks for bringing laughter to bed time. Joey (the dad) and Bethany (the kid)

    • Thank you so much for leaving this great review. It means the world to me when I hear feedback like this. I am so pleased it inspired Bethany to enjoy reading 🙂 Please can you tell Bethany that I am already on chapter 8 of the next book and I hope to have it released by the end of this year. 🙂 🙂 xx

  2. Hello Kerry,

    You have recently visited our school – thank you so much – the children loved it! We have now written you some thank you letters – do you mind sending me your address so that I may post them off. Thanks so much.


    • Hi Leanne, that is really lovely of the children – thank you! I’m so pleased they enjoyed my visit. Which school are you from as I am returning to a couple next week to sign the books so could collect the letters then to save you posting them? Many thanks, Kerry

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